Keeping the home fires burning

  Everyone has heard the phrase β€œkeep the home fires burning.” It was a wildly popular patriotic British song from 1914. Written by an American woman, Lena Guilbert Ford, who was living in London during World War I. The original title, β€œTill The Boys Come Home.” was changed to “Keep the Home Fires Burning.” SheContinue reading “Keeping the home fires burning”

Pine Grosbeak – a reminder to stop for beauty

On a crystal clear morning, with snow in unmelted patches, I saw a pair of Grosbeaks. Hiking with a birder friend who was more concerned with physical exertion than admiring our surroundings, she continued forward as I stopped to capture a few shots. When we finally stopped for water and a rest, I showed theContinue reading “Pine Grosbeak – a reminder to stop for beauty”

Draw a Monster for Homework

A Halloween poem in less than 100 words (as told by a reluctant artist) πŸŽƒβœοΈπŸ‘Ή πŸ–πŸŽƒβœοΈπŸ‘ΉπŸ–πŸŽƒβœοΈπŸ‘ΉπŸ–πŸŽƒβœοΈπŸ‘Ή Draw a Monsterfor Homework The assignment: Draw a monster for homework. My best friend and neighbor Jess, smiles a smirk. β€œHow hard can that be?” She mutters. β€œDo you even know me?” I stutter. Pencils and markers lined upContinue reading “Draw a Monster for Homework”

Eastern Market Murals

I spent a lovely day being a tourist in Detroit with my daughter and her boyfriend. The market itself was full of interesting things to purchase, but the murals were definitely not to be missed. This amazing art show is free to the public and just like a museum, it is concentrated in one smallContinue reading “Eastern Market Murals”

A day with out caffeine

There is no better way to start the day, than a mug of hot coffee. It’s an integral part of each morning. But today, I wasn’t allowed caffeine due to a medical test. I survived but my head has ached most of the day. Tomorrow, I will again be greeted by this magical beverage. IContinue reading “A day with out caffeine”

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. There are currently two exhibits that are dramatically different and demonstrate the time and place of the quilters. The other quilts are based on works from the civil war but I am focusing here on Coahagan Island. Look through the pictures for more spectacularContinue reading “Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum”

Aspens: beauty and science

Aspen trees play exquisite music in the wind. The sound of their leaves is magical from spring to fall. Called “quaking aspens” as their sound in the forest is unlike that of any other tree. Aspens are the autumn showstoppers in Colorado. Their magnificent yellow leaves are the reason Long lines of cars drive alongContinue reading “Aspens: beauty and science”