Learning inside and outside

Muscovy duck above and ibis below I’m in St Petersburg Florida this week at a writers conference working on craft, hearing accomplished authors share their personal stories, and attending readings of their work. As expected, I’m learning a variety of things that will inform my own writing. What I hadn’t expected is how much I’mContinue reading “Learning inside and outside”


Atop a building adjacent to the pond is an osprey nest. I’m not typically good at capturing birds in flight so I’m especially proud of this photo. Three facts about osprey: 1. They are also known as sea or river hawks. 2. They are diurnal. 3. They can be found on 6 of the 7Continue reading “Osprey”

The ponds at Eckerd College

On a conference break, I walked by the ponds that attract a variety of water fowl. Above, a pelican swims near the shoreline. Below are a cormorant, mallards, and an unidentifiable by me bird that I think is a duck. If you can identify it, please let me know in the comments. And as DoryContinue reading “The ponds at Eckerd College”

Would You Read It Wednesday – A Plethora Of Pitch Picks! – Susanna Leonard Hill

My pitch Gustavo’s Big Idea is featured in the October section of this contest. https://susannahill.com/2018/01/10/would-you-read-it-wednesday-a-plethora-of-pitch-picks/

Prairie Dogs

On a beautiful Boulder day, I saw prairie dogs enjoying the spring-like January weather just as much as my friend and I were as we walked the path. We could hear them vocalizing loudly from every direction. Their high-pitched calls were a clear indication of their desire to communicate. I did a bit of researchContinue reading “Prairie Dogs”

Woodpecker Micropoem

Thoughts while perched on a branch – It’s peaceful up here, gazing skyward Blue? No, not enough Azure, cobalt, sapphire? It’s a start My wings ache to touch the sky, dip in its richness How much lovelier would I be with royal blue feathers?

National Western Stock Show Parade

On a beautiful bluebird sky January day in Denver, Colorado, a crowd lined the streets to welcome the stock show to town. Little children, adorable in their cowboy boots and hats, with lariats affixed to their belt loops enjoyed the parade of longhorns, horses, alpacas, cowboys and cowgirls, antique tractors, and more. Crowd pleasers includedContinue reading “National Western Stock Show Parade”