Silly is best

Two days after my daughter’s wedding, I saw this quote in a book at Poets House in NYC. As a mother, I’ve always believed it’s my role to impart wisdom and advice as they pursue their dreams. This seems like something worth sharing as I have Paul McCartney’s song running through my mind.

10 things I saw and learned in NYC

The pigeons are enormous! And in Union Square, you can find the “Pigeon Lady” who sells handmade felt pigeons and rats. Seeing the Statue of Liberty is always meaningful. A good reminder of what truly makes this country great. The 9/11 Memorial places a white rose on the name of those honored when it isContinue reading “10 things I saw and learned in NYC”

My Wish

This song has been a favorite of mine and countless other parents since it was released 12 years ago. While our country is in the aftermath of yet another school shooting, and parents are holding their children a little bit tighter this weekend, I am celebrating my daughter’s marriage. I know how fortunate I amContinue reading “My Wish”