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Can You Smell the Rain? (Poetry)

Filtered rays of light

stream through dark clouds

Is a storm coming?

Beyond it, blue sky dotted with

white cotton candy clouds.

The juxtaposition makes me wonder.

Will heavy drops of rainfall from the sky?

Will there be thunder? Lightening?

Can you smell the rain?

Full moon (poetry)

Magically rising over mountain peaks

in a darkening blue sky,

the full moon glows luminous.

Its ascent through tree branches

creating patterns, faces, a Rorschach test

changing as it goes.

Each night, it grows, changing shape,

waxing to its full beauty.

I’m never disappointed.

As the moon shines,

and lights up my world,

I love knowing that someone else,

far, far away, is admiring it too.

Quote to live by

Recently I was nominated to share my 3 favorite quotes. I had previously done this challenge, so I’m sharing one at a time now. I saw this on a magnet last weekend and it exemplifies my approach to life.

If you aren’t finding joy in the little things, you are missing out. For those who are in the middle of a three day weekend, use this gift of extra time to find something that makes you happy and embrace it with both hands.

I am a cheer leader (poetry)

I am a cheer leader

here to celebrate your victories

creating the party.


I am a cheer leader

here with gentle support

when the world offers only icy stares

creating a warm soft place to land.


I am a cheer leader

offering kindness,

creating space for you to be your best.


I am a cheer leader

knowing that positive energy

multiplies in the universe; hopefully

creating a better world.

I was inspired to write this poem by a few different conversations recently about how we are not in competition with each other and the need for more kindness in the world. The photo was taken from my balcony after a hailstorm yesterday afternoon.

A writer’s life

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at a writers conference this weekend with an amazing faculty of agents, editors, and authors. In addition to the outstanding experts, I was surrounded by inspiring writers in my critique groups, workshops, and I also had a fantastic roommate to share writing with.

After the conference, I met up with a friend and came across this quote from Louis L’Amour and it made me think of writing, or more accurately, revising. I’m sure other writers and artists will be able to relate.

Spring (poem)

Spring arrives in bits and pieces

fits and starts

one step forward, two steps back

like a Chacha.

Temperatures soar for a day or three

then dive down like a bird of prey

But then, little by little,

all of the pieces come together!

The scent of lilacs

The sound of frogs and hummingbirds

The creeks rushing from melt off

Buds on the aspens

Days growing longer at dawn and dusk

The warmth of the sun

YES! All the signs are here

Fascinating sights in nature

On a recent hike, we noticed what we thought were spider webs on trees along the trail. Upon further inspection, they each contained a large number of caterpillars. This is new to me so I’ve done some research and there are several species of caterpillars that construct silken shelters or tents. These caterpillars will turn into moths. Some of these species are considered pests due to the damage they inflict on the trees.

Dinosaur Ridge

A great day for a field trip with second and third graders. We learned about fossils and how different the climate of this area is from 65 million years ago. The idea that Colorado was a tropical area (palm frond fossils prove this) and that dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than lizards (the word dinosaur come from “terrible lizard” in Greek) were part of the new learning gained as we walked the Triceratops Trail. A short stop in the museum and the “sand pit” to dig for fossils made for a fun day.