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Charlie’s Day

As told by Charlie, age 11 weeks…

There are so many wonderful things about being a puppy, but today I want to talk about the joy of a new toy. Mom’s trying to teach me to fetch, yes I know I’m part Retriever, but so far it’s not my best event.


This time I didn’t even try! If she wants it, why does she throw it across the room?


Perfect for teething!


Okay, I brought it back. But I’d really like to just chew for a while.

I’m Hosting A…

Weekly Photography contests in May

Dancer for the King

Hi guys! It’s Lydia here! So if you have clicked on this link and are reading it right now, then keep scrolling down but make sure you read this carefully to catch all the details!!

I updated this post – so be sure to catch the new tidbits of info below! Updates are italicized!

Now let’s get on with today’s post!

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Evening sky

The snow fell, wet and heavy

Giving way to fog as temperatures

danced above freezing.

Mountain peaks

hidden from view

bathed in dewy moisture

wait for the sun to return.

Dots of blue sky, making a reappearance

letting the mountains know

the fog would lift soon.

May flowers? Nope, May Snow Showers

Much of the rest of the country is reveling in warmer weather after a rough winter. We are in drought conditions and happy for a day of snow. Yep, it’s May 2!

We are in high danger drought conditions. In addition to the need for moisture, I love the peacefulness of snow and the way it feels as if I’m in a snow globe. Also, knowing it will melt in a day or two makes this spring snow even more welcome.