Shania Twain – Still a Superstar

“Still the One,” an iconic song written by Shania and her then husband, Mutt Lange, 21 years ago is a little bittersweet when you consider how their marriage imploded when he left her for her best friend. In the aftermath of their breakup she and the friend’s husband consoled each other and ultimately fell inContinue reading “Shania Twain – Still a Superstar”

Swimming Lessons

Testing the waters Until yesterday, Charlie has been reluctant to get in the water. In spite of the heat and his canine friends loving it, he’s watched from water’s edge. Earlier this week, he enjoyed time in a puddle which required a full bath. These pictures are from yesterday when he finally trusted his friendContinue reading “Swimming Lessons”

Creekside hiking with Charlie

Charlie and I enjoy exploring trails and hiking along a creek is fun for both of us. Charlie loves being able to get a drink along the way. Sometimes he cools his paws in the shallow edges but when his friends go for a swim, he won’t jump in. Today there was a log thatContinue reading “Creekside hiking with Charlie”

Reenactment of Lady and the Tramp

Charlie and his friend Lane enjoy running and chasing each other and it’s a never ending source of amusement for me. She happily goes in the water and Charlie is learning to navigate the creek. They both love sticks. Today, on our hike they managed to share several different sticks and even tried to walkContinue reading “Reenactment of Lady and the Tramp”