Charlie – six months of fun

Charlie at six months In the months we’ve had Charlie he has filled my heart on a continuous basis. A few examples of ways he spreads joy: Watching him run and romp with his canine friends – full of joy and endless energy. Complete strangers turn to jello in his presence. Just the other day,Continue reading “Charlie – six months of fun”

Magical skies

Eyes flicker open Will the morning colors be putting on a show? All day I glance skyward at the wisps at the billowing puffs at the myriad of shapes always putting on a show. Setting my imagination free. And then, evening colors. Will they bring another dazzling display?

Brainard Lake at Sunset

As the weekend winds down, those of us who want to squeeze the last drops of fun from it enjoy the sunset as we look for moose. Tonight there were none, but the magnificent sky, wildflowers, and a lone duck in the lake were enough.

Charlie – the good and the bad

Charlie, 10 days away from turning 6 months old, has filled our days and hearts since he arrived here in April. As you can see from these pictures and clips, is adorable and quite an athlete. He’s able to jump, run, and turn on a dime. He’s made friends with many dogs including Sydney, theContinue reading “Charlie – the good and the bad”