Monthly Archives: September 2018

Reflections (part two) Poetry

above or below?

what appears on the water,

or below the water line

is it really there?

An illusion?

A reflection?

Our minds reflect upon

what our eyes see.

If my eyes see it, does that make it real?

Sunlight through the trees (Haiku)

Aspen leaves turning

green giving way to yellow

sunlight filters through

Komorebi is a Japanese word to describe the effect of sunlight streaming through the leaves.

Identifying Birds

When you’re trying to learn about native animals ….

On a bluebird sky day, hiking on a serene trail, I saw this beautiful bird. Trying to identify birds is a challenge for me. Colors, bill size and shape, and geography are all useful in identification.

I returned home with clear photos thinking it was a Gray Jay. But the bill was too long. Fortunately, with an excellent search engine and websites that show similar looking species, I was able to learn about Clark’s Nutcrackers today.

They live in the mountains. ✅

Gray overall with black wings. ✅

Long daggerlike bill. ✅

What do you see in the sky?

This one looks like two dancers coming together.

Do you see a bird flying right to left with long tail feathers?

These two photos are of the same cloud from different perspectives. What do they look like to you?

Thanks for visiting and I’d love to hear what everyone else sees in these clouds.

Spectacular Sight

These two males drew a crowd Saturday evening. I’ve been to Brainard Lake and Indian Peaks Wilderness Area before, but this was my first time seeing the adult male moose I had been hoping to find.

Moose are considered by some to be the most dangerous animals in our forest. Thanks to a powerful zoom lens, I was able to capture these shots from a safe distance.