How do we heal?

Sadness mixes with anger how do we live in a world where the unfathomable happens? It’s not possible to avoid the news. My choice is to focus on the beauty, the beauty that surrounds me. If only nature could impact others in the ways it does me.

Three dogs and a trail

Friday morning, before the 70 degree weekend melted most of the snow, Charlie and I joined 2 canine and 1 human friend for a snowy hike. It was a fun challenge with sunny skies and new dog in the mix. Charlie and Laine, the Springer Spaniel, ran and chased their usual dance, tiring each otherContinue reading “Three dogs and a trail”

Continental Divide

I remember a John Belushi fish-out-of-water movie from the 1980s named Continental Divide. It may have been my first exposure to the beauty that is Colorado. This exquisite view, snow capped peaks above tree line is something I appreciate every time I see it.