Welcome Author Kari Lavelle – Giveaway Alert

I’m happy to welcome Kari Lavelle to the blog today. Her debut picture book, WE MOVE THE WORLD, illustrated by Nabi H Ali came into the world earlier this week. The empowering message shows children they can take small actions to make a difference. Kari is generously offering a winners choice giveaway of a picture book critique or virtual school visit. Please comment on this post with your preference to enter the giveaway.

What were you like at the target age of your audience?

WE MOVE THE WORLD is geared for kids 4-8, but of course I think picture books are for all ages! I think I was about four in this picture. As a kid, I was always using my imagination: teaching to my pretend-classroom, creating new craft projects, or trying to fool neighborhood kids as my “twin sister.” My imagination was propelled by my love of reading. Books have always been an important part of my life!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many things: I try to pay attention to the wild world of nature all around me; music and interesting lyrics; fascinating news from science and history sources; even the developing language and interests of my own kids. Sometimes I’m inspired by my dreams and wake up with a new book idea (and sometimes in the morning those ideas are not-so-brilliant!). Inspiration can be anywhere and everywhere! 

What’s one thing you hope your readers take away from your book?

My hope is that readers of WE MOVE THE WORLD are introduced to someone new in this book. I’d also love for my readers to see how change happens one step at a time and that making the world a better place can start with one person, or in one classroom. I would love for readers to connect with something within themselves that relates to one of the pages. We all have the power to create change!

What can we look forward to next?

I’m currently enjoying the process of making a chapter book. I have an unannounced picture book biography coming out and I can’t wait to share it. I am really excited to connect with students in school visits when it’s safe! 

To connect with Kari and learn more about her books:

IG: karilavellewrites Twitter: karialavelle website: karilavelle.com

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I'm a reading specialist from Chicago, now living in the beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My first book "Aliana Reaches for the Moon" features a creative and curious girl who loves science, her little brother, and her very patient parents. I'm currently writing a MG novel and several picture books with STEM elements and dogs.

19 thoughts on “Welcome Author Kari Lavelle – Giveaway Alert

    1. How wonderful! I was busy yesterday but I’m looking forward to reading the book soon. The one advantage to virtual book launches is the author and illustrator being able to present together!
      Good luck in the giveaway, and thanks for reading.

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  1. After reading this blog, I went to check out the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. This is just the type of PB I love most—spare and lyrical, with extensive backmatter explaining the events. I will get a copy to keep as a mentor text for some of my works-in-progress.

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