Winner Announcement 10/27/22

Congratulations to Jany Campana, winner of a brand new picture book from author Sarah Aronson, BRAND-NEW BUBBE, illustrated by Ariel Landy. Jany, please email me at ljrwritenow at gmail dot com so that I can connect you with your fabulous prize! If you haven’t read my interview with Jennifer Chambliss Bertman from Tuesday celebrating SISTERHOODContinue reading “Winner Announcement 10/27/22”

Welcome Author Jennifer Chambliss Bertman- Giveaway Alert

Books are my happy place – bookstores, libraries, celebrating with authors … So today on my blog it’s no mystery why I’m smiling about my interview with Jennifer Chambliss Bertman who I met almost a year ago at The Wandering Jellyfish, one of the adorable indie bookstores we are lucky to have near us inContinue reading “Welcome Author Jennifer Chambliss Bertman- Giveaway Alert”

Fall Reflection 10/22/22

We stopped for a walk in Vail on the way back from dinner. The view from the bridge couldn’t have been better. My first shot (above) unfiltered captured the balance of color, reflection, and light just as perfect as fall itself.

Chicago Architecture

When I think of the things I love most about Chicago … People often ask me what I miss most and that’s easy: the people. I have friends from my entire life, schools, jobs, neighbors, organizations, etc. Food comes in second. What I didn’t realize I missed was the architecture. As a few friends mentionedContinue reading “Chicago Architecture”

Welcome Author Sarah Aronson – Giveaway Alert

Today I am so happy to share my interview with Sarah Aronson, a writer who I admire and have not yet met but I’m sure I will one day! Our books were in a window display together at Booked in 2019, an adorable bookstore in Evanston, Illinois. Then, more recently her essay in COMING OFContinue reading “Welcome Author Sarah Aronson – Giveaway Alert”