Sunset in Luxembourg 


These days, the views I usually see are unadulterated nature. I live in the forest on a dirt road now. In my previous life of cityscapes, the beauty of nature was often juxtaposed with a building, a billboard or other man made artifice. Traveling in European cities earlier this month, I was again appreciating the beauty of colors and nature against the backdrop of technology and progress. Either way, it’s spectacular!

Aspens in spring 

The aspens have been quietly waiting for spring to return. Waiting for their time to recapture our attention. After mourning the shedding of their fall foliage in October, we are now graced with another season of beauty. All winter, they allowed the pines center stage. And now, another lovely sign of spring; their light green buds and leaves are adding to the magnificence of mountain life.

Sunrise after the storm

When you live in the Rocky Mountains snow can come at times most people wouldn’t believe. Thirty inches of snow on May 18 is as dramatic as it sounds. Even more so when it is the wet, heavy kind that bends trees and turns into the consistency of cement on the driveway where the tall pines keep it from melting. The loss of power for over 24 hours came with it.

I know many people don’t understand the advantages of a late May storm. So let me explain. First of all, its exquisite. The snow on trees and mountain peaks is a sight not to be taken for granted. The resourcefulness required when no electricity also means no water makes us stronger. We enjoyed uninterrupted conversation and laughs. The other piece of a May storm that everyone can appreciate: it melts away quickly.

Wisdom from Charlottes’s Web

Two things I think about often are friendship and writing. For me, they are both important and an integral part of each day.

Since moving 1000 miles from an incredible group of friends, I’ve been working on nurturing long-distance and new friendships and writing fiction; for me they have become intertwined. I’m grateful for friends who support my writing, for friends who keep in touch by writing in various forms and for the joy I discover through writing.

As a fiction writer, I’ve created characters that are like friends. No, I’m not crazy. What I mean is they are fully formed people who come to mind in different situations I encounter. This is part of my creative process and it’s comforting, just like a good friend.

Revising: reading with new eyes

  I’ve been waiting to revise until I can truly look at my book as a reader and not a writer. The process of going back and forth between being a writer and being a reader is important work and challenging. My beta readers have been valuable in the writing process and there have been revisions along the way already. This is a big step; taking from the beginning.

I read 2 quotes that resonate with me. Neil Gaiman said “… when you’re ready, pick it up and read it as if you’ve never read it before. If there are things you aren’t satisfied with as a reader, go in and fix them as a writer.”

The other, by Don Roff, which is the inspiration for the picture, “When you print out your manuscript and read it, marking up with a pen, it sometimes feels like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime.”

  • My manuscript is printed.
  • My eyes are ready.
  • My color-coded pens are lined up.

Wish me luck!

Small World Moment

“I miss my friends!”                            Yesterday I stopped by a store on Pearl Street that reminded me of a store from my days living in Glencoe. I asked the woman helping me if they were a franchise because I remembered a store “Shoefly” with the same logo. She said, “No, that was us!  We moved here ten years ago.” Small World! Then I was talking with her husband and mentioned our North Shore/Chicago connection. His first words when talking about leaving Chicago: “I miss my friends.” YES! Which are the same words I’ve said so many times whenever anyone asks me what I miss about moving. And a few restaurants, We agreed we miss those too.

In honor of Earth Day

 Earth Day and what it represents has always been important to me. My love of flora and fauna goes back to my earliest memories. I have both learned and taught about the interdependent web of life on our planet.

Living in the Rocky Mountains has allowed me an even better vantage for admiring the beauty of Mother Earth, the moon, stars and other planets in our solar system. I’m able to see more stars than ever before. I’ve watched Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars dance above the mountain peaks. And now, I have a new word with which to describe the amazing feeling of my new experiences.

Never Give Up

    As a lifelong Cubs fan, I’ve learned many important lessons. I’ve learned patience (Wait until next year!) I’ve learned sometimes rain is just what you need (Game 7 World Series.) I’ve learned miracles do happen (2016 season!) I’ve learned to enjoy the gentle rhythm of baseball and how to relax. I’ve learned that there are no bad days at Wrigley Field. And yesterday I was reminded of another phrase I have lived by: Never give up! Thank Addison Russell for the home run and the lesson! ⚾️🐻💙😎

Clouds – “Both Sides Now”

Someone close to me once said I am easily entertained. I’m not sure if it was a compliment but I took it as one. I’m truly never bored and am always looking for beauty or inspiration wherever I go. My imagination is strong; probably the reason I enjoy being with children and writing fiction.                                                                   Last week I posted these 4 pictures of clouds on Facebook asking friends to weigh in on what they saw. I was not disappointed by the quantity or quality of responses. Most friends agreed that the top left was a seahorse and bottom left was some type of bird – penguin, chick, rooster, hummingbird, etc. The other 2 had a wider variety of ideas including many people thinking the top right was their dog or a mother kissing a child. The sweetness of ideas made me happy that so many others who didn’t see these clouds in person were able to enjoy the game of imagining what they were.  Thanks to all who stopped to use their imaginations and share their ideas. 

Butterflies: a sign of spring

Today’s sign of spring were butterflies everywhere. They have inspired writers​ for centuries.

​ One of my favorites is:                                 “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has enough time.” – by Rabindranath Tagore

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