World Read Aloud Day

Last Wednesday was World Read Aloud Day which is a way for authors to Skype with students. I signed up on Kate Messner’s website (link above) and four teachers/librarians emailed to connect with me for a virtual visit. I ended up reading with 3 schools in Michigan, New York, and Virginia and it was a wonderful experience. The students enjoyed hearing ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON and asked wonderful questions. The feedback from each school following the event was gratifying and these pictures were sent by my contacts at the various schools. What a wonderful way to share writing with students.

By the numbers:

  • 3 schools
  • 9 classes
  • 4647 miles ‘traveled’
  • 2 hours

Camera vs iPhone pictures

Recently I had a conversation about why I love my powerful handheld Cannon camera. Here are pictures from last night (from yesterday’s blogpost) and the iPhone picture I didn’t share yesterday. All of these are unfiltered, taken from the same place on my balcony but as you can see the iPhone photo was taken about 5 minutes before the others.

Alpacas Part 1

If you’re playing hide-and-seek with an alpaca … you’re probably going to win.

I’ve been participating in Tara Lazar’s Storystorm this month and this is definitely on my list of ideas.

“If I close my eyes and hide behind this tree, I’m pretty sure they can’t see me.”

Pure Joy – best friends

Remember that feeling when you see your best friend or someone you love? It doesn’t matter if you saw them yesterday, it’s thrilling to be reunited. The endorphins kick in and you can’t help but run, chase, and jump for joy.

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