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Starting next week, I’ll be featuring authors and illustrators on Tuesdays and Fridays. This will include some of the following some of the time! (My legal department told me to say that.)

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Some favorites from the past few years

Who else is excited for 2021? 🎊🎊🎊

Heading into 2021

Sunset on Winter Solstice

Monday as sunset arrived,

Painting the sky,

Creating a beautiful view.

I celebrate the shortest day of the year.

Solstice brings winter, darkness, and peace.

As a optimist, I know it marks the point where days will grow longer.

New year and new format coming soon!

RBG, A Tribute

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, born the same year as my mother, changed the world in ways that benefited women of my generation and younger. In the immediate aftermath of her death, I began writing a tribute. I kept thinking of her impact and how she and my own mother had so many similarities. I had students reach out to me, sharing their grief and their memories of reading about her together.

A friend had shared a link for these shoes that could be purchased at a discount if we placed a group order. I messaged about 10 friends and immediately had an order of 7 pairs.

They arrived today.

In the wake of yesterday’s shameful vote approving a new Supreme Court justice, who will NEVER replace RBG, I’m happy to have them.

Wildfire Smoke at Sunset Part Two

Sharing additional photos from Wednesday night.

I’m also watching local news reports of additional evacuations and the story of an elderly couple who chose not to evacuate and died together.

Views of Wildfire Smoke at Sunset Part One

The fires near Estes Park, Grand Lake, and Boulder County created stunning views in the skies.

These are unfiltered views from Boulder, Colorado from Wednesday evening.

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