I notice the subject of trust has come up more often lately than it used to. It seems like some people trust sources for information that are clearly not reliable. I even had a conversation with someone last week who said they were using “different facts” than I was citing and I asked if they meant different opinions. They seemed baffled and changed the subject.

Trust in personal relationships has come up quite a bit as well. Which brings me to this photo. I’ve been doing Zoom workouts since March. In the last few months, I average 5 classes per week. More often than not, Charlie sleeps as close to my workout space as possible. He sleeps without flinching when I step, kick, and dance within inches of him.

That, is the definition of trust.

Summer Evening

Children’s voices call out,

they choose teams, set rules,

begin play.

Happy sounds.

We watch them run,

pass by on scooters,

some on bikes

while I water the garden

with one eye on the sky.

Swish, Swish, Whoosh

An ever changing
feast for the senses
can be found on trails
each day brings new delights
don’t forget to s-l-o-w down.
Enjoy the wind as it
the long grasses.
Swish, swish, whoosh
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