Lark Bunting

I have been fascinated by the Lark Bunting since I moved to Colorado. It’s the state bird here and until today my attempts to photograph one have been unsuccessful. This may not be the best photograph but I’m pleased to have gotten him to pose for this.

A Lovely Day in the Mountains

The ever changing view at this time of year is worth stopping for. The snow at higher elevations than my 8200 feet isn’t melting.

The bluebird sky and the scent of pines greeted me as I hiked the Sourdough trail, the only hiker on a beautiful morning.

Stopping along the way to admire the vibrant yellow aspens and the breathtaking vistas that surround me.

When She Says Baby

This is the song Jason Aldean was singing when gunshots rang out. It’s a beautiful song from the Night Train CD which is one of my favorites. This particular song holds deep meaning in our house. I’m a country music fan, as anyone who knows me already knows.

Some of my happiest memories have been at country music concerts. There is nothing like the power of a live show and the energy in the crowd. I’ve seen Jason Aldean several times and he never disappoints.

As this morning’s news unfolds the only story is of a horrific shooting at the hands of one man with more weapons than the second amendment ever intended at a concert. I’m again wondering, when will it end.

The details of motive are yet to be answered. I’m listening to interviews with other artists who were there and they are all people I’ve seen before. Just like school shootings impact me personally as a teacher, this hits my heart. It’s a sad day.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor

October 2 and we have snow. I’m still new to the weather patterns here in the Rockies. If you’ll notice, the mini snowman is adjacent to plants that are still happily growing.

The photos above are from a nearby hike less than twenty-four hours ago. Full fall colors and mostly blue skies. This exquisite flower was picked from our garden only two days ago.

And now today, I’ve woken up to snow.

I know it will melt and we’ll again see the 50’s later this week but it’s still not what I was hoping to see out my window only 10 days into fall.

Laura Roettiger #AMMConnect Bio

The magnificence of aspens and pine in fall.

The book I’ll be submitting for #AuthorMentorMatch is Cruze Control a #YA story about mother/daughter relationship.

17-year-old Hanna lives with her family in Lake in the Pines,MN but wants to see the world, write music, and dance in music videos.

Set in 1986 just before technology changed life as we know it, she idolizes Madonna and dreams big.

About me:

In no particular order:

  • I’m a reading specialist.
  • I’m an environmental educator.
  • I’m passionate about nature.
  • I love dancing, hiking, and skiing – not all at the same time.
  • I love country music.
  • I’m from Chicago and a Cubs fan for life.
  • I live in the national forest just west of Boulder CO.
  • I love reading, writing, and photography.
  • I have three children.
  • I love travel.
  • My favorite TV shows are Jeopardy and Stephen Colbert.

Sunrise from my home in the Rocky Mountains

More about my book:

YA Historical/Contemporary Fiction 75,000 words What happens when Hanna’s mom promises to keep her secret in exchange for better grades and behavior during senior year? Secrets and promises have a way of unraveling those who hold them. The goals of mother and daughter are at odds creating challenges for the whole family.

My book contains realistic, universal issues teenage girls face, including relationships between sisters, parents, and friends. Excellent dialogue and ideally a way to increase communication between mothers and daughters.

“I love you to the moon and back!” Every mother to her child.

Mentor Wishlist

My MS could use:

  • the TLC and guidance of a mentor who understands how it feels to be a daughter on the cusp of independence and a mother who wants to keep her close and safe.
  • Help with POV issues.
  • Plot points that need strengthening and maybe some that need to be discarded.
  • More anger and drama to create tension in places where it’s missing.

What I bring to the party

  • Lots of delicious recipes (a play on party but also my characters like to cook so there are recipes)
  • My picture books – 3 written so far – have all gone through major revisions and are notably improved from the guidance of CPs and professional help. Currently being queried.
  • A commitment to the process of writing and collaboration on my work.
  • A sense of humor and willingness to learn from those with more experience.
  • I have recently attended The Southampton Writers Conference, the SCBWI Squam writes retreat and will be attending the Rocky Mountain SCBWI Letters and Lines conference in October.

The beauty of Amsterdam

Switzerland Trail with the hiking honeys

When you are lucky enough to live at 8000 feet, just east of the continental divide, and are gifted with a perfect fall day for a hike, you stop to admire the beauty of nature.

The juxtaposition of a bluebird sky and green-turning-to-golden aspens is not to be missed.

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. For me, being in nature is a religious experience. The traditional treat is apples and honey. Since my hiking group is known as ‘the hiking honeys’ and when we stopped to eat, I had an apple, I am counting today as an excellent beginning to the new year.

L’Shanah Tova

Sunrise haikus

Just above the peaks

Magical shades of color

Layers of beauty.

Clouds, treetops, mountains

Bathed in pink, orange, yellow

Breath taken away.

Sunrise greets the day

Yellow streaks across mountains

Mother Nature’s show!

Mad Creek Trail Hike

I love hiking in the fall. The changing colors are Mother Nature at her best. Yesterday I went on the Mad Creek Trail in Steamboat Springs, CO for a lovely hike with an amazing group of Chicago women. We hiked to a historic barn and considered taking shelter there when the skies grew dark and threatening. The consensus that the storm was traveling away from us, a lack of thunder, and our desire to continue with our hike led to the decision to continue. A few raindrops amidst the sunshine was no problem and we hiked down. The views on the way up and on the way down were different, but both were breathtaking. So grateful for the opportunity to be part of their annual Colorado girls weekend and hiking a new trail.

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