Chicago, I’m coming back September 28th – October 5th! My calendar isn’t full yet, let’s make it happen!

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Past Events

April 15, 2022 Macintosh Academy School Visit – It’s great to be back in person!

Wednesday 2/2/2022 #WRAD World Read Aloud Day Connection Authors with students through technology Wednesday 2/5/2020 #WRAD World Read Aloud Day Connecting authors with students through technology 

Friday 2/7/2020 CCIRA Conference: Transform Literacy Experiences by Partnering with Authors Presenter

April 24th Denver Children’s Festival of Stories


Reading with your kids Podcast Stem Tuesday 3/12/2019


Hear Aliana Reaches for the Moon and meet author Laura Roettiger,
who caught the attention of local astronomers!


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