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I began my blog in April 2017 as a way for me to share my observations about the beauty of nature, things that inspire me and touch my heart in music, photography, and literature. During the pandemic, I added author and illustrator interviews as a way to stay connected to the wonderful writing community and give back to those who’ve been supportive of me on this writing journey. If you are following me, thank you! Your support of the blog means so much to me and all the wonderful creators who share their inspiration on the blog.






Laura Roettiger is a reading specialist from Chicago, IL who weaves her passion for STEM learning into stories for children. Her roots in Chicago remain deep but now her home and heart are firmly settled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her Goldendoodle Charlie.

Since moving to Colorado, Laura focused on writing for children, working in environmental education, and mentoring new teachers at a STEM school. Her teaching superpower of encouraging curiosity in children has transferred to her books. Her debut ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON (Eifrig Publishing, 2019; German edition, 2022) combines science information with the story of a girl whose creativity, kindness, and patience pays off with a surprise ending. Her book AN ACCIDENTAL HERO, A MOSTLY TRUE WOMBAT STORY (Eifrig Publishing, 2023) allows readers to understand the devastation of fire while experiencing hope when a stranger offers shelter and kindness.

Laura loves lifelong learning! She has worked in a variety of careers and volunteer roles, including banking, writing for a variety of publications, proofreading court documents, serving as a commissioner of the American Youth Soccer Organization, overseeing religious education, writing curriculum for a college test prep company, teaching elementary school in Chicago and the suburbs – all while earning degrees in business and a Master of Arts in Teaching and Reading, PLUS raising three children. 

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