Full Moon Rise

Tuesday night I spent time watching the moonrise. A #Supermoon #Pinkmoon brought people around the planet out to pause and admire its beauty.

Watching it travel through the clouds as the sky grew dark was powerful. In spite of everything that’s going on right now, the moon doesn’t care. She does her thing, looking all bright and beautiful. 💙

A reminder to shine no matter what!

Baha’i Temple, Wilmette, Illinois

This beautiful landmark can be seen if you drive north from Chicago along the lake shore through Evanston into Wilmette. The Baha’i Temple, officially called The Baha’i House of Worship, is one of 7 in the world. If you’re unfamiliar with this religion, it’s basic teachings include equality, world peace, and unity.

During my recent, abbreviated visit to Chicago, I met a friend to walk in the neighborhood near here. If you’re looking for ways to learn more about the world and our global community, I encourage you to explore this faith. I’ve visited the temple on field trips when I taught world religions.

Two Weeks

I needed a break from my blog, but I’m back.

Two weeks ago today, feels like months, I flew home after cutting my trip to Chicago short. When I left Colorado on March 13, I had school events scheduled, a store event, and plans with friends.

Things changed, hour by hour, moment by moment. My school visits were canceled, and then schools were closed. Saturday, when the announcement that restaurants would be closing and stores were cleared of many staples, it became obvious I needed to change my flight home. I was afraid airports would be closed even for domestic travel.

The photos in this post are my flight AFTER the doors had been closed. The flight was just over 50% full and everyone had wipes, sanitizer, and a good attitude. Other flights near my gate were even emptier. One announcement said there were 25 passengers on a plane that held 150? and they asked people to spread out for the weight distribution. “One passenger per row, please.”

This is a strange and scary time. If you follow this blog, you know my last two weeks have revolved around Charlie. I’ll share more from my brief Chicago visit later this week, and lots of Charlie soon.

Thursday Thoughts

If you follow this blog, you know my affinity for the beauty in nature, animals, and children. This is my last Colorado sunrise for a week because I’m heading to Chicago.

(I’ll pause here for your thoughts on traveling at the moment.)

See you from Chicago. 😊

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