School and Library Visits

I am a reading specialist and former elementary teacher so school visits are my favorite way to share my book. I have done presentations for preschools, family events on weekends and evenings, single classrooms from kindergarten – fourth grade, and whole school events with over 400 children in one room plus all of the teachers and a microphone for me. All of these have been rewarding for the audience based on feedback from children and administrators.

My author visits include:

  • A slideshow presentation that includes the inspiration for ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON, my background as a child who loved reading and writing, my own photography of the moon and the Rocky Mountains, and the book.
  • I sign and personalize books for anyone who orders and include a bookmark.
  • I have three coloring sheets and a word search related to the book which you are welcome to use beforehand to generate interest or after.
  • My website has links for science activities that teachers are encouraged to check out to inspire curiosity.
  • I have extensive experience teaching writing as a reading specialist and elementary classroom teacher. I have also done workshops on the writing process from brainstorm through revision to published work. Many 2nd – 4th grade classes have requested a presentation on revision because that seems to be a sticking point, but I am happy to tailor my visit to your teacher’s needs.
  • I have a “curiosity workshop” for children using materials that reflect light which focuses on the creativity and science in ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON.

I am offering 40 minute presentations for $150.00 or 25 books preordered. If a school would like more than one presentation, I am happy to do up to 5 in a day for $500 or 100 books or a combination of fee and signed books.

For more information about the book, the astronomer endorsements, my background, and contacting me to set up a visit, please check out the rest of my website and feel free to let me know if you have questions.

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