“Speak” #Metoo

“He stares at me without talking. He is not as tall as my memories, but still as loathsome.” – from “Speak”

The stories that are finally being told, some from several decades ago, are all different and yet somehow the same. A person in power or strength of some kind exerting that dominance over another. The victims are often young, unable to make their voice heard in the moment or maybe for years afterward.

In the past few days, a holier-than-thou Alabama judge and politician has been accused of multiple abuses of power, including by a fourteen year old girl. Am I surprised? No, because it seems to me the ones who put themselves on the moral high ground against women’s rights and gay rights usually have something to hide.

The list of celebrities is long. Again, I think “is this surprising?” Not really, because abuse of power is rampant and the legend of “the casting couch” is based on plenty of actual events.

This week I read “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson. An excellent book that is not only well written, but shares the feelings and physical, emotional, and intellectual response that all of those who are now bravely coming forward have been through.

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