Welcome Author Ellen Leventhal – Giveaway Alert!

Today I get to share my interview with Ellen Leventhal who is a wonderful author and member of the kidlit writing community. I’m not sure when or how we first connected, but I’m glad we did. I enjoyed her first two books and her new book, A FLOOD OF KINDNESS, illustrated by Blythe Russo is a gorgeous book that will touch your heart and inspire kindness. Ellen is offering a signed copy to one lucky winner. Please leave a comment to enter the giveaway and share this post widely to encourage others to find this wonderful book.

What were you like at the age of your target audience?

When I was a child, I was quiet and spent a lot of time imagining. I recently spoke to a childhood friend who reminded me how I used to make up stories with our dolls. Coincidently, a few days later, I found this picture of me with some dolls. I remember this day, even though it was over 60 years ago! (I rarely let anyone take a picture of me.) I had just given all the dolls part in a play I made up. If I recall, I gave the smallest doll the biggest part. I was the young one in my family, and I never wanted any attention on me, so I gave it to my dolls. 

What inspires you?

I think life experiences inspire me the most as far as what I write. The experience can be life- altering like a loss of some kind or something as small as finding a leaf on the ground. I also mine ideas from my childhood. It helps me make sure I connect with the feelings of children. Sometimes just observing children will spark a memory or an idea, and I go from there. 

What’s the one thing you hope readers will take away from your book?

For A FLOOD OF KINDNESS, I want to validate children’s feelings of anger and sadness as well as empower them with the knowledge that they are not powerless. I hope the takeaway is that a small act of kindness (both given and accepted) can help everyone on their road to healing. 

What can we look forward to next?

Well, I do have something in that “private publishing pipeline.” I recently signed a contract for a new picture book that I’m excited about, but I can’t announce it yet. I’m also working on a chapter book that kind of wants to be a middle grade, so I’ll see where that goes. As far as life events, I’m just looking forward to the time I can do in person school visits and travel again.  

To connect with Ellen and learn more about her books:

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/EllenLWrites INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ellenl411/

 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ellen.w.leventhal

FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/Ellen-Leventhal-Writer-976247352488082

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20 thoughts on “Welcome Author Ellen Leventhal – Giveaway Alert!

    1. Thanks for reading and all your support! Yes, I think this would be a perfect book club book. Ellen lived through 3 floods so she’s a bit of an expert on that and she’s the embodiment of kindness. Good luck in the giveaway!


  1. A long time ago, I made it my personal “theme” to always choose kindness. The world doesn’t need anymore unkind acts/selfish acts. This book will be so important for caregivers to share and start discussions with kids about deliberate choices they can make to show kindness.

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