Welcome Author Karen Cotton – Giveaway Alert

Today, I welcome Karen Cotton to the blog. She’s one of many talented authors from my Rocky Mountain SCBWI group. Karen is offering one lucky winner a virtual writing class or one-on-one time to talk about writing or her books. Comment on this post to enter the giveaway.

What were you like at the age of your target audience?

I loved playing music on my piano, and writing and reading books. As a family we played games and hung out. My brother and I played video games together, rode bikes and played with the neighbor kids. I also loved watching cartoons on Saturday morning, and watching Disney movies like Cinderella, which was my favorite at that time.  One of my favorite places to go was the library, which I spent hours at and came home with stacks of books and records.  My most exciting thing that I looked forward to was the Scholastic book fairs at school, because that meant my parents would buy me a book for my home library. I also loved playing with my dolls. I owned Strawberry Shortcake dolls, a doll named Mandy, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and My Little Ponies.  I saved them all and my little girl now loves playing with them.

I also liked going to visit the city, Salt Lake City, Utah with my mom and grandparents. The city was three hours away from where I lived in Green River, Wyoming. We also traveled a lot and I loved dinosaurs and fossils. This photo was taken in Vernal, Utah at the dinosaur museum.

What inspires you?

My family inspires me, in particular my nine-year-old daughter. I listen to a lot of types of music and I sing and play a lot of instruments. So, music also inspires me. Nature, God, gardening, cooking, dinosaurs, animals, experiences from my time as a journalist all inspire me. I was inspired by writing an article about the police and sheriff’s departments K-9 Units. Later I also saw them do a demonstration at the library that I took my daughter to watch. That’s where the idea for my book, K-9 & DEPUTY HEROES of the LARAMIE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT came from.

What’s something you hope readers take away from your books?

I just would love it if my readers feel inspired to make a change in the world or learn more about the subjects I write about. And if they feel compelled to also be a writer of any sort. To also always write that story that’s in their heart, and tell it, no matter how many rejections it gets. Life is short, precious, and you have a unique voice that deserves to be heard. 

What’s next for you?

My friend, Lorenzo Leonard is co-writing the screenplay with me for CAROL AND SANTA. We hope to pitch it to Hollywood executives soon. I am working on a sequel to CAROL AND SANTA. Its original movie deal fell through due to the pandemic and funding etc.

 I am working on a cook book/memoir, that goes along with my facebook page called Cooking with the Cottons where my daughter and I cook together. It may become a YouTube channel. I am collaborating on a picture book with an author/illustrator, Trace Puckett, about cultures. I am working on a picture book about outer space.  I am writing a romance for adults under my pen name, but it is considered a sweet romance. I occasionally write articles for my online magazine Sweetascottoncandy.com.

To connect with Karen or find out more about her books:

website www.karencotton.net 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cooking-with-The-Cottons-106468074230065/ https://www.facebook.com/writerKarenCotton/

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I'm a reading specialist from Chicago, now living in the beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My first book "Aliana Reaches for the Moon" features a creative and curious girl who loves science, her little brother, and her very patient parents. I'm currently writing a MG novel and several picture books with STEM elements and dogs.

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