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I’m thrilled to welcome Jessica Speer today. Jessica is a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI and another Colorado author who I can’t wait to meet in person when we are able to resume live events! If you know me, it should come as no surprise that I am impatiently waiting to have face-to-face gatherings. But when Jessica and I chatted, she reminded me how important patience is when it comes to publishing. Jessica expected and planned for her middle grade debut BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends), illustrated by Elowyn Dickerson, to be in bookstores on July 6th but just got word that it will be August 17th. Oh the anticipation! Don’t forget to preorder from your favorite indie bookstore!

Jessica is generously offering one lucky winner a copy of BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends) along with two friendship bracelets, stickers, and bookmarks. Comment on this post to enter the giveaway.

What were you like at the age of your target audience?

I was just like the girls featured in BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends) during my preteen years. I was eager to find and spend time with friends, yet unsure how to navigate tricky social dynamics. Some days I felt like I belonged. Other days I didn’t. Sometimes I was a good friend. Other days, not so good. Little did I know at the time that all girls experience this. 

This photo was taken with my BFF in our softball uniforms. Like many friendships, this relationship ended as we grew and changed. Looking back, I realize how much I grew from this friendship and all of my friendships over the years.

What inspires you?

This may sound strange, but I’m inspired by life’s awkward moments.  As a social scientist, I love to explore human behavior and relationships. I’m intrigued by what helps us thrive and what brings out our not-so-great side. Through books and stories, we learn that we are not alone. We are all perfectly imperfect humans. 

What’s the one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope that readers of BFF or NRF come to understand that friendship is a journey that takes effort and intention. This journey is filled with ups and downs and change. All we can really control is ourselves by being the type of friend we want to have.

What’s next for you?

BFF or NRF releases on August 17th as girls are readjusting to their in-person social worlds. Next summer, August 2022, I have another middle-grade book coming out called DISSECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL. Like BFF or NRF, this book is filled with activities and stories that delve into all the weird stuff that happens in middle school. This book is also filled with humor because, well, it’s about middle school. 

Thanks so much for having me, Laura, and for your unwavering support for authors and books! If anyone is interested in learning more about my books, Here’s my website and social links:

Website: https://jessicaspeer.com/ Instagram: @jessica_speer_author. Facebook: @jessicaspeerauthor. Twitter: @speerauthor. Pinterest:@jessicaspeerauthor. Goodreads:https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19820546.Jessica_Speer

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13 thoughts on “Welcome Author Jessica Speer – Giveaway Alert

    1. Thanks for reading, Katie. Yes, a wonderful idea and an important message for any age. Sometimes I wonder if we ever outgrow the challenges of navigating friendships. Good luck in the giveaway.


  1. I needed this book growing up and wish I’d had it here to give to my daughters. Growing up is hard to do, especially when you have to sort through so many emotions and miscommunications/lack of communication that people experience.

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  2. I would have loved to have this book on my shelf when I was teaching middle school! It is PERFECT for that age group…and beyond:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, those middle school years and girl drama! I don’t miss them and think this sounds like an important book to be able to put in some of my students’ hands (and to put on our school counselors’ radar if they don’t already know about it). Thanks so much for sharing, Jessica and Laura!

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    1. Jolene, I’m with you about not missing girl drama! As the mother of two daughters and an educator, I have such an appreciation for this book. Thank you so much for reading and supporting the blog. I thought the book was going to be interesting when I first heard about it, but it’s such a great resource and better than I imagined. Good luck in the giveaway.

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