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I’m always happy when I’m introduced to another author. Today I’m excited to share my interview with Amber Hendricks who I met through Julie Abery, an author I admire and cherish as a friend. Last December when Julie introduced us, Amber and I began emailing and sharing. As I mentioned in my post on Saturday, virtual friends are special!

Amber is the author of a sweet board book series LITTLE NATURE EXPLORERS from Amicus Ink and illustrated by Gavin Scott. The first two BUTTERFLIES SOAR and WILDFLOWERS GROW came out in the spring and in just a few weeks, we’ll have two more to add to our collection. You can still preorder them! Amber is giving one lucky winner both of her soon-to-be released books: AUTUMN LEAVES FALL and FOREST FRIENDS SLEEP. Comment on this post to enter the giveaway.

What were you like at the age of your target audience?

Thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog, Laura. What an awesome question! It’s hard to remember a lot from that far back, but I do know I was quite the tomboy. I loved being outside and in nature, and was always trying to keep up with my older brother and his friends. 

I also loved books. No surprise, right? One of my earliest memories is being gifted a personalized book for my birthday. It was just a little paperback, but I treasured that book and still have it, today! I’m very thankful my family encouraged a love of reading from such a young age.

What inspires you?

So many things! It might be listening to my children play or catching a phrase on the television or radio. Once, I misheard a DJ’s comment and what I thought I heard sparked an idea for a YA novel! 

I’m inspired by the goodness and kindness of others. I’m especially inspired by so many friends in the Kidlit community who never give up on their passion to write for children. 

The love of being outside and in nature has never left me and I often find myself with new ideas when my hands are busy digging, weeding, and planting or my feet are busy walking new and familiar trails alike. 

What’s something you hope readers will take away from your books?

AUTUMN LEAVES FALL and FOREST FRIENDS SLEEP, my upcoming board books with illustrator Gavin Scott, round out our Little Nature Explorers series with Amicus Ink. Just like the series title suggests, these books focus on magical transitions found in nature, from the changing of leaves to preparing for hibernation. 

It is my hope that these little books will inspire a whole new generation of nature explorers to be protectors and good stewards of our Earth.

What’s next for you?

I’m delighted to have recently accepted an offer of representation from the fabulous team of Jessica Kasmer-Jacobs and Rena Rossner of the Deborah Harris Agency. Though I have been represented in the past, it has been a long three years of querying and there were days that I stopped believing it would happen again. But it just goes to show, you only need that one yes! (So never give up on that dream!) We have gone out on sub with a humorous picture book that Jessica and Rena both loved. After the emotional toll of the last two years, I’m really hopeful the manuscript will appeal to editors. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together and hope to have more good news to share in the future!

To learn more about Amber and her books:

Twitter: @ashayhen Instagram: @henamber 

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I'm a reading specialist from Chicago, now living in the beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My first book "Aliana Reaches for the Moon" features a creative and curious girl who loves science, her little brother, and her very patient parents. I'm currently writing a MG novel and several picture books with STEM elements and dogs.

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  1. Amber, your board book ideas are simply precious! What a fab way to build a little’s first library with such a series. And I love the pic of you on your banana-yellow bike; reminds me of my pink version, LOL! Here’s to never giving up on our dreams!

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