Welcome Author Rosie Pova – Swag Giveaway

Today I have Rosie Pova visiting the blog. Her new book, SUNDAY RAIN, illustrated by Amariah Rauscher was recently featured in the New York Times! Rosie is offering one lucky reader a swag bag of goodies! Comment on the post to enter the giveaway.

What were you like at age of your target audience?

I was a shy kid, very much an introvert, and very crafty. I always found something to do when I was by myself. I was also collecting things. But there were a lot of kids in the 12-story apartment building I grew up in Bulgaria, so we played together outdoors a lot, too: jumping rope, hopscotch, all kinds of games involving a ball etc. 

What inspires you? Books? Music? Experiences?

All of the above, really — books, music, experiences — for sure! Plus, my kids. 

What’s something you hope your readers will take away from your books?

Depending on which book of mine they’re reading, the story might prompt a conversation between the children and their parents, grandparents or educators. But I also hope that the readers get inspired to explore more, to think outside the box, be encouraged to be themselves and be confident, reach out and make a new friend… And of course, to keep their imaginations wild, their curiosity alive, and have fun!

What’s next for you?

Yes, lots is happening! I have a new book in the pipeline, THE SCHOOL OF FAILURE: A STORY ABOUT SUCCESS and it’ll release this summer in Mainland China, and then in the spring of 2022 — in the USA. My agent and I are currently on submission with a few stories, so hopefully there will be more good news to share in the near future. Meanwhile, I am constantly writing and revising, also serving as a judge for Rate Your Story, so that keeps me quite busy. 

In addition, I am teaching online picture book writing classes and have many students that I help on their journeys.  I am going to a book festival in Winnsboro and will be on a panel there, I will also be taking part in a virtual children’s books discussion panel on May 6th, organized and co-hosted by my local indie bookstore here in Dallas and Writing Workshops Dallas. The event is free, but people would have to register in order to attend and there’s only a limited number of seats available. You can check out the details and sign up here: https://writingworkshops.com/products/littalk-at-interabang-books 

Finally, I am booking school author visits, both virtual and in-person (for whenever that’s an option again), so teachers and librarians who are considering booking authors for their schools, please visit my programs and presentations page on my website where you’ll find options in a variety of packages as well as excellent testimonials on my visits. And I hope to hear from you, and get to meet and inspire your students!

To connect with Rosie and find out more about her books:

Website: http://www.rosiejpova.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/RosieWrites

Twitter: @RosiePOV   [https://twitter.com/RosiePOV] IG: https://www.instagram.com/rosiepova/

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I'm a reading specialist from Chicago, now living in the beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My first book "Aliana Reaches for the Moon" features a creative and curious girl who loves science, her little brother, and her very patient parents. I'm currently writing a MG novel and several picture books with STEM elements and dogs.

7 thoughts on “Welcome Author Rosie Pova – Swag Giveaway

  1. Congratulations on your books! I love that you want your books to spark conversations between adults and kids and to inspire them to explore their worlds in new ways.

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  2. Wow, where does she find the time and energy to write? Just read Sunday Rain. I’m not surprised it was featured in the New York Times. Rosie and Amariah make a wonderful team. It’s a beautiful book with a beautiful message. I look forward to reading more of Rosie’s books, especially School of Failure. She already has me thinking about it. Sending Rosie good luck vibes for the other books on submission.
    Great post Laura

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