Winner Announcement 8/30/21

Congratulations to Mia Geiger winner of MY SCHOOL STINKS! from author Becky Scharnhorst and illustrated by Julia Patton. Bonus, Mia also won some cool book swag. Mia, email me at ljrwritenow @ so that I can connect you with the author. Don’t miss other giveaways still available from Sylvia Liu, Kimberlee Gard, and DowContinue reading “Winner Announcement 8/30/21”

Winner Announcement 8/23/21

Congratulations to Amy Benoit, winner of a picture book critique and the brand new book SO YOU WANT TO BUILD A LIBRARY from author Lindsay Leslie, illustrated by Aviel Basil! Who doesn’t love a double-giveaway to celebrate back-to-school? Amy, please email me ljrwritenow with your address so that I can facilitate your prize. Don’tContinue reading “Winner Announcement 8/23/21”

Winner Announcement 8/16/21

Congratulations to Lauren Kerstein, winner of the picture book critique from the amazing Tara Lazar! This is truly a coveted prize; so many comments on the interview post. If you didn’t win, please comment on the other open giveaways from Lindsay Leslie, Becky Scharnhorst, Sylvia Liu, and tomorrow’s interview will be with Kimberlee Gard. Tara’sContinue reading “Winner Announcement 8/16/21”

Winner Announcement 8/9/2021

Congratulations Fleur Bradley winner of a prize that is 65 million years in the making: JACK HORNER, DINOSAUR HUNTER! from author Sophia Gholz and illustrated by Dave Shephard. Don’t miss other open giveaways from authors Tara Lazar, Lindsay Leslie, and Becky Scharnhorst. And stop by tomorrow for my interview with Sylvia Liu.

Winner Announcement 7/26/21

Congratulations to Elizabeth Suneby, winner of book swag and a signed by author Elizabeth Gilbert Bedia copy of BALLOONS FOR PAPA, illustrated by Erika Meza. Please email me at ljrwritenow at Gmail so that I can connect you with the author. Don’t miss other exciting giveaways from Michelle Vattula, Candice Marley Conner, Sophia Gholz, andContinue reading “Winner Announcement 7/26/21”

Winner Announcement 7/19/21

My life has been wonderfully busy the past week and I’m sorry I didn’t get to write this and share it earlier, but it’s still Monday so cheers to that! One thing I can say about the writing community, especially those who write picture books – young adult, they are a generous and supportive group.Continue reading “Winner Announcement 7/19/21”

Winner Announcement 7/5/2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I meant to post on Saturday, but here we are. Beginning in July, my author and illustrator interviews will be weekly instead of twice a week as I focus a bit more on my WIP. Even if you’ve missed the giveaway window, I encourage you to readContinue reading “Winner Announcement 7/5/2021”

Winner Announcement 6/28/2021

It pains me to announce today’s winner because I really wanted this prize for myself, but that seems like it might be a bit shady, so … Congratulations to Dina Hodara who won the priceless prize of a query + 10 page middle grade critique from the hugely talented Rajani LaRocca, author of MUCH ADOContinue reading “Winner Announcement 6/28/2021”

Winner Announcement 6/21/2021

Congratulations to winner Reem Al-qaysi winner of CLAIRE’S CLOSET, by author Debra Scala Giokas and illustrated by Mary Ryan Reeves. Congratulations to Bonnie Hausman winner of NO ROOM FOR A PUP! by author Elizabeth Suneby and illustrated by Laurel Molk. Winners, please email me at ljrwritenow @ Gmail so that I may connect you withContinue reading “Winner Announcement 6/21/2021”

Winner Announcement 6/14/2021

Congratulations to Michelle Losardo, winner of a signed by the author copy of THE BIG BEACH CLEANUP, by Charlotte Offsay and illustrated by Katie Rewse. Congratulations to Carmela LaVigna Coyle, winner of a signed copy of THE COLLECTORS, written and illustrated by Alice Feagan. Winners: please email me: ljrwritenow at so that I canContinue reading “Winner Announcement 6/14/2021”