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WAVE light, water, and sound

The spectacular Mountain views of Breckenridge Colorado are enough to attract crowds no matter the season. But the first weekend of June each year brings artists from around the world to inspire and dazzle those lucky enough to visit.

The helium filled kites seen in the first several photos were illuminated with different colors and “danced” to the accompanying string musicians.

Nearby, on a tiny island in the creek we enjoyed the cello playing at dusk with swallows flying overhead and trout coming to the surface finding their bedtime snacks.

Other displays included a variety of colorful umbrella sculptures that were on bridges and other areas around town providing a wonderful backdrop for photo ops.

Angel wings that were lit up at night allowed those of us who think we’re angelic to try them on for size.

Another crowd pleaser were seesaws big enough for a whole family to enjoy that also were illuminated at night and made music as they went up and down.

Ten years

Ten years ago today, in an outlet mall parking lot, I met a man. It’s been a a roller coaster ride in every way imaginable. Full disclosure: I love roller coasters!

What’s special? He makes me laugh every day and he knows how important this is to me. He says things just for the purpose of making me laugh and after all this time, we have a few phrases that alway elicit this response.

We both enjoy the wonder and beauty of our planet and the universe beyond. Who else makes a date to watch the solar eclipse in the middle of a busy work day?

Who else makes a magical fire with a picnic on the beach to enjoy the blue moon, knowing I am consumed by the beauty of the full moon?

You know you’re loved when he withstands below zero temperatures because you want to see every moment and every snow sculpture of the Fire and Ice Festival in Breckenridge.

And now, we have created beautiful gardens around our house. He has built creative garden beds, hollowed out logs, and repurposed planters to grow wild flowers, morning glories, herbs & vegetables, and so many flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and me!

And back to the roller coaster, the feeling of contentment when you are heading back to the station, knowing everything is safe and secure … and it’s always been okay. 😊