Welcome Author Bryan Patrick Avery – Giveaway Alert

I’m happy to share my interview with author Bryan Patrick Avery on a weekend when we celebrate Juneteenth, now our latest National holiday, and Father’s Day. I had chills watching Vice President Kamala Harris speaking and President Joe Biden signing the law this week. When you read Bryan’s words in our interview, you’ll see whyContinue reading “Welcome Author Bryan Patrick Avery – Giveaway Alert”

Welcome Author Charlotte Offsay – Giveaway Alert

Today I welcome another wonderful author who I met through Julie Hedlund’s 12x12PB challenge. Charlotte and I connected in 2019 when THE BIG BEACH CLEANUP, illustrated by Katie Rewse had been announced for 2021. Yes, publishing requires hard work and serious patience! I’m excited to see this book out in the world and happy toContinue reading “Welcome Author Charlotte Offsay – Giveaway Alert”