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Cover Reveal for my debut picture book!

“In this charming STEM book, children will see how the light of the full moon inspires Aliana to create a present for her brother Gustavo which will surprise the whole family.”

ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON releases 2/19/2019 with Eifrig Publishing and is available for preorder now at EifrigPublishing.com and Amazon.com

Beautifully illustrated by Ariel Boroff

Full Moon Announcement

The full moon, has always been an inspiration for me. On this full moon, I’m happy to announce that I have signed contracts with my publisher and my illustrator for a book that will be released in early 2019!

Photo of the harvest moon 9/24/2018

Moonrise over Coors Field, Denver

While The Eagles mesmerized the crowd at the home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, another show was happening behind home plate and the first base line. The magnificence of the full moon lit up the sky, just as American rock band the Eagles lit up the stage!

A feast for the senses!

Full moon (poetry)

Magically rising over mountain peaks

in a darkening blue sky,

the full moon glows luminous.

Its ascent through tree branches

creating patterns, faces, a Rorschach test

changing as it goes.

Each night, it grows, changing shape,

waxing to its full beauty.

I’m never disappointed.

As the moon shines,

and lights up my world,

I love knowing that someone else,

far, far away, is admiring it too.