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Charlie’s first birthday!

Charlie before we met him!

Love at first sight! 😍

Charlie’s a great hiker and climber!

He reminds me to stop and smell the flowers.

He’s willing to get dirty in the name of fun!

And he is happy to get cleaned up and looking his best!

Charlie wants to operate heavy machinery.

Charlie loves forest life!

But the thing Charlie loves most is being close to Mama!

Happy birthday Charlie! πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽ‚

Charlie Writes a Love Story

If you follow this blog, you know me. I’m Charlie and my favorite things are playing in the snow, chasing my friends, and my mom. But this is a love story so my mom is only the photographer. And the chauffeur to get to the trail. And the one typing this because dogs don’t have thumbs.

This is Meadow. 😍 She’s one of my favorite girlfriends. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t judge, it’s a dog thing and you wouldn’t understand.

Look at that smile!

Be honest, you’d chase her too.

Sometimes she lets me catch her.

We stop for some refreshing “snow cocktails.”

I think she likes me too. 😊

5 top photos of Charlie

Charlie met some Australian campers and they “shared” their chili with him. Doesn’t he look happy?

Charlie checking out views of the Continental Divide stops to pose for the paparazzi.

Charlie’s favorite hangout has given him the title Ruler of the Ottoman Empire

Playing in the snow is fun, fun, fun! Resting with cross paws and guarding his stick.

The sweet face 😍 with love in his eyes. Charlie turns 9 months old today and he weighs 53 pounds.

The hidden meanings of a flower


given in celebration

given in sympathy

given to express love

each species and color with its own message.

Gerbera daisies, the fifth most popular flower in the world, represent cheerfulness, joy, innocence, and purity depending on the color

(you’re probably wondering what numbers one through four are – stay tuned for the answer)

The flower pictured above is from a plant given to me over two years ago. Lovingly nurtured, it continues to bloom its vibrant red blossoms.

What does this scarlet beauty represent?

Fully immersed in love. ❀️

And if you’re wondering, the four most popular flowers (according to ProFlowers.com) roses, orchids, lilies, and tulips.

Ten years

Ten years ago today, in an outlet mall parking lot, I met a man. It’s been a a roller coaster ride in every way imaginable. Full disclosure: I love roller coasters!

What’s special? He makes me laugh every day and he knows how important this is to me. He says things just for the purpose of making me laugh and after all this time, we have a few phrases that alway elicit this response.

We both enjoy the wonder and beauty of our planet and the universe beyond. Who else makes a date to watch the solar eclipse in the middle of a busy work day?

Who else makes a magical fire with a picnic on the beach to enjoy the blue moon, knowing I am consumed by the beauty of the full moon?

You know you’re loved when he withstands below zero temperatures because you want to see every moment and every snow sculpture of the Fire and Ice Festival in Breckenridge.

And now, we have created beautiful gardens around our house. He has built creative garden beds, hollowed out logs, and repurposed planters to grow wild flowers, morning glories, herbs & vegetables, and so many flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and me!

And back to the roller coaster, the feeling of contentment when you are heading back to the station, knowing everything is safe and secure … and it’s always been okay. 😊