Charlie Writes a Love Story

If you follow this blog, you know me. I’m Charlie and my favorite things are playing in the snow, chasing my friends, and my mom. But this is a love story so my mom is only the photographer. And the chauffeur to get to the trail. And the one typing this because dogs don’t haveContinue reading “Charlie Writes a Love Story”

5 top photos of Charlie

Charlie met some Australian campers and they “shared” their chili with him. Doesn’t he look happy? Charlie checking out views of the Continental Divide stops to pose for the paparazzi. Charlie’s favorite hangout has given him the title Ruler of the Ottoman Empire Playing in the snow is fun, fun, fun! Resting with cross pawsContinue reading “5 top photos of Charlie”

The hidden meanings of a flower

Flowers given in celebration given in sympathy given to express love each species and color with its own message. Gerbera daisies, the fifth most popular flower in the world, represent cheerfulness, joy, innocence, and purity depending on the color (you’re probably wondering what numbers one through four are – stay tuned for the answer) TheContinue reading “The hidden meanings of a flower”

Ten years

Ten years ago today, in an outlet mall parking lot, I met a man. It’s been a a roller coaster ride in every way imaginable. Full disclosure: I love roller coasters! What’s special? He makes me laugh every day and he knows how important this is to me. He says things just for the purposeContinue reading “Ten years”