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Celebrating Dad’s Birthday

My father has been gone 5 years. He died less than 2 weeks after his birthday so the time between the two dates has become a time where I think of him often.

The first year, my sister and I went to my favorite hot dog stand from childhood and ate Chicago dogs with fries in his honor.

This year, I was with my nephew and we happened to notice a shop that sold ice cream filled donuts! When the children were little, he had convinced them even if they were full, there was a separate “dessert pocket” in their stomachs so they could always join him for dessert. His favorite dessert was profiteroles and this was basically a giant version of one.

Chanukah Lights

The menorah on the first night.

Yummy latkes to represent the oil which lasted for eight nights.

On the fifth night, we celebrate that there is more light than darkness.

The seventh night, shining brightly.

The beauty of all the candles glowing on the eighth night of Chanukah.

Magical image as the candles burn down on the last night.