Full Moon #Frostmoon

Driving in the mountains, I’m often greeted by a view that takes my breath away. These photos were preceded by a gasp. I love the full moon, as anyone who follows this blog already knows. It was the inspiration for my first book. But the full moon, hanging low in the still blue sky isContinue reading “Full Moon #Frostmoon”

Turtle Rock

When I moved to Colorado, everyone in the neighborhood called this peak Turtle Rock. I’ve climbed to the top many times because it’s so close to my house. It’s where we watched the solar eclipse. It’s the first climb I took Charlie on back when I could easily pick him up, before he could leapContinue reading “Turtle Rock”

A Gentle Giant

The is no shortage of wild animals near where I live, but seeing this guy and his friends in one of the pastures always brightens my day. On a quick trip last week, I noticed him standing alone in the meadow, far from the crowd, and wanted to stop. But I had an errand thatContinue reading “A Gentle Giant”

Waning Gibbous Moon Magic

Two nights in a row as I’m driving home, the night sky suddenly reveals a magnificent moonrise. At first glimpse it’s surreal – so bright and a magnificent shade of gold. This is an unfiltered shot from tonight.

Lakeside Hike above 10,000ft

Afternoon sunlight filters through trees and dances atop the lake like twinkling diamonds. In the distance, peaks above the tree line with their pockets of snow that stayed all summer add to the beauty and feeling of remoteness the trill and rat-a-tat-tat of birds create the soundtrack.