The Promise of Spring

Spring photo Spring in 150 words or less? A contest? Sure, I’ll give it a whirl! The Promise of Spring The first warm day brings the promise of hope. Bulbs planted months ago poke through the ground. Colors appear. We bend to admire them, catching the scent of hyacinth. Deep breath, eyes closed. Senses awakened.Continue reading “The Promise of Spring”

Pine pollen – everything you didn’t know about pine trees

We live in a forest of pine trees. Unlike flowering plants, pine trees don’t attract bees or butterflies for pollination. The wind does the job of transferring pollen from male cones to female cones or on other trees. The first two photos are male pine cones and the third one, what we think of asContinue reading “Pine pollen – everything you didn’t know about pine trees”

Spring (poem)

Spring arrives in bits and pieces fits and starts one step forward, two steps back like a Chacha. Temperatures soar for a day or three then dive down like a bird of prey But then, little by little, all of the pieces come together! The scent of lilacs The sound of frogs and hummingbirds TheContinue reading “Spring (poem)”