Snowy Quarantine

Snow began falling on Sunday and continued through most of Monday. It’s the fluffy type that skiers dream of – powder. Spring skiing is canceled this year as all the ski resorts were forced to close a month ago. I’m sure there are hearty souls who climbed up to take advantage of the pristine newContinue reading “Snowy Quarantine”

Charlie and Meadow on a Snowy Day

Hey Meadow, let’s run!Charlie with snowball socks – it’s hard to tell where his paws areMeadow showing off her snowball socks Rolling in the snow is always fun! Charlie figures out a way to collect more snow by rubbing his head in it.

Ski Day! Colorado

When you haven’t done something in a while, the first time back feels like an experiment. Will I still remember how to do this? Will I still enjoy it? I missed the entire last season of skiing due to a shoulder injury, but I’m happy to say I don’t think I lost any of myContinue reading “Ski Day! Colorado”