Sunset Hike 360 Views

Sunset has a surreal glow. I’m forever seeing shapes in the clouds. The moon inspires, no matter its phase. Where we live, neighbors light up the tree at the top peak for December. Charlie turns ten months old!

Above the clouds

Most days I look up to admire clouds, find interesting shapes, and enjoy sunrise and sunset. These photos were taken from the window of the plane. The first one looks like a bear climbing out of the water (clouds) and the others were just ones I found interesting. The second and last pictures are ofContinue reading “Above the clouds”

Magical skies

Eyes flicker open Will the morning colors be putting on a show? All day I glance skyward at the wisps at the billowing puffs at the myriad of shapes always putting on a show. Setting my imagination free. And then, evening colors. Will they bring another dazzling display?

Brainard Lake at Sunset

As the weekend winds down, those of us who want to squeeze the last drops of fun from it enjoy the sunset as we look for moose. Tonight there were none, but the magnificent sky, wildflowers, and a lone duck in the lake were enough.

Lucerne Sunset

This is a “throwback” from three years ago as it came up in my Facebook memories. There is beauty everywhere you look in Lucerne. But the magical moments as the sun sets reflecting on the water is otherworldly. Combined with the leafless trees and the purple gardens, this is a sunset I will always remember.


My last night on the gulf coast of Florida provided a magnificent sunset. Looking forward to waking up to my spectacular sunrise in the mountains tomorrow. Mother Nature is a bit of a show off. 😎☀️🌴