Welcome Author-Illustrator Bonnie Kelso – Giveaway Alert

I’m excited to feature Bonnie Kelso, a talented author-illustrator and her debut picture book NUDI GILL: POISON POWERHOUSE OF THE SEA, published by Gnome Road Publishing . Bonnie and I have crossed paths in virtual writing groups over the years. Last winter when we both participated in a Zoom middle grade writing class offered throughContinue reading “Welcome Author-Illustrator Bonnie Kelso – Giveaway Alert”

Teacher Appreciation Week Memory

I’ve had this bookmark for many years. If you’ve never taught a child to read, or watched the magic of their realization that the symbols (letters) combine to make sounds to form words, you may not understand. This is where it begins. But my goal was never to ‘just teach reading.’ I wanted to teachContinue reading “Teacher Appreciation Week Memory”

Joy of Author & Teacher Life

Here they are as eighth graders joining me during a presentation at the Chicago Public Library. I’m honored and humbled to still be in contact with former students and their families. It’s one of the things I take considerable pride in as a teacher. I know I’ve made a difference in the lives of myContinue reading “Joy of Author & Teacher Life”

In Person School Visit

I had my first school visit on Friday after 25 months of virtual events. There is nothing more gratifying to connect with children in person. I loved reading Aliana Reaches for the Moon to each group, seeing their faces (some in masks, some not) during the story and hearing their reactions during and after theContinue reading “In Person School Visit”

Two Weeks

I needed a break from my blog, but I’m back. Two weeks ago today, feels like months, I flew home after cutting my trip to Chicago short. When I left Colorado on March 13, I had school events scheduled, a store event, and plans with friends. Things changed, hour by hour, moment by moment. MyContinue reading “Two Weeks”