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Dirt Road Rush Hour – Elk Migration


Less than a mile from home on the dirt road passing the meadow I encountered a traffic jam. Elk migration is fun to watch, even when you’ve seen them for many days in a row.

As this stretch of road came into view, I could see dozens of elk crossing. I pulled over and was able to take some pictures just before darkness descended.

Missing Riley

My first blogpost. Still missing Riley and considering the idea of another dog.

A Picture, A Song, A Literary Quote

“The price we pay for love”

IMG_0003                                                 Today marks the one year anniversary of losing my sweet Riley.

If you have ever been greeted with a tail wagging so hard, you feel like you should harness the energy as a renewable resource.

If you have had the affection and cuddles that only a canine can provide, you understand.                                                                                                                                           …

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Melk Abbey Austria

Another throwback from a 2015 trip. Overlooking the Danube, this was Home to Benedictine monks for around 1000 years. The renovation to the Abbey was funded by the sale of their Gutenberg Bible (sold to Harvard University) and completed in1996. It continues today through tourism and agriculture. Definitely worth visiting for the architecture and amazing views of the village below alone.