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Best of 2017

Thinking about 2017, I’ve read so many best of lists – books, movies, cupcakes. I decided to choose best photo memories of my year. Wishing everyone a 2018 full of good memories.

January: full moon through the trees

February: First run of the day skiing with the sun and moon in full view.

March: Lenticular clouds resting above peaks as seen from Magnolia Rd.

April: Cloud formation that served as inspiration for my second picture book, Gustavo’s Big Idea.

May: A visit to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium included many highlights but the best of all was the day at Keukenhof Gardens.

June: So many great hikes and amazing wildflowers this month. My favorite photo captures both of these – my friend Michelle’s beautiful dog Bhakti with columbines.

July: Southampton Writers Conference. I spent two weeks working on my craft with amazing mentors and peers who wrote children’s books, poetry, literary fiction, memoirs, and plays. I got to be a fangirl meeting many inspiring writers and made new writer friends who continue to provide love, support, and feedback.

August: Morning glory visited by a Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. Our first high altitude garden included many successes, including vegetables and flowers that served to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

September: exquisite fall colors featuring aspens juxtaposed with pines along Peak to Peak highway – a favorite spot for leaf peepers.

October: A visit to Detroit was definitely a highlight for me personally as I spent time with my daughter and her boyfriend. A fabulous weekend with amazing people.

November: sunrise from my window. Each morning, I’m reminded how lucky I am to live in this magical setting.

December: the roof of my new garage is almost complete. It’s been a long journey building it, and I’m looking forward to my car being safe and sound inside it in 2018.

Follow up to Managing Physical Pain

Two weeks ago I shared my thoughts on knee and shin splint pain leading to my decision to try acupuncture. The day after my first treatment, I felt considerably less pain but no increase in stability. Still, a marked improvement, making me feel good about my decision. I continued to wear my knee brace for any hiking or long walks.

After a second treatment a few days later and virtually no pain, I continued to increase physical activity with no negative side effects.

Placebo effect? This was mentioned by someone and after considerable discussion, we both agreed it may be a factor but only a small one. I don’t believe a placebo effect would allow me to sleep through the night instead of waking up in pain. The unconscious brain of sleep operates differently.

Two weeks and eleven hikes later, my stability is strong and the pain is minimal. Yesterday I arrived at the trailhead having forgotten my brace. A test. And I am proud to say, I passed!

The screenshot of my Fitbit from yesterday tells half the story. My not needing Advil and ready for more today tells the rest.

While acupuncture may not be the answer for everyone, I recommend it for pain relief based on my experience. The lack of pain has allowed me to build up strength over the past two weeks which I believe will only improve over time.

Yesterday, at a local store in Nederland, I saw a sign that said “66 days til ski season!” I’ll be ready! 🎿⛷🎿