Chicago Botanic Garden (micropoem) part two

A quinceañera photo shoot on a beautiful rose garden day children gather to watch. Overheard, “Do you see the princess?” “May we say hello to the princess?” Children kept at bay, eyes fixed on the beauty, until …. “Aren’t we lucky we saw a princess today?”

Mother Nature has a sense of humor

October 2 and we have snow. I’m still new to the weather patterns here in the Rockies. If you’ll notice, the mini snowman is adjacent to plants that are still happily growing. The photos above are from a nearby hike less than twenty-four hours ago. Full fall colors and mostly blue skies. This exquisite flowerContinue reading “Mother Nature has a sense of humor”

Bountiful Harvest

The joy that comes from eating what you’ve grown with your own hands and hard work, planting seeds, watering them, patiently waiting to see what will grow is a primal. Our vegetable and herb garden has been truly a magical part of our summer. Some of our plants were lost to rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunksContinue reading “Bountiful Harvest”

A Morning glory grows in Nederland 

When winter was still going strong, I dreamed of spring and summer. I dreamed of flowers, herbs and fresh vegetables. It’s a leap of faith planting seeds inside in order to have plants in the ground 2 months later. I’m not known for a green thumb but my extreme optimism makes up for it. Plus,Continue reading “A Morning glory grows in Nederland “