Clouds Nestled on Mountains

So many reasons to love being out on the trail. Fresh air, exercise, and the view. I enjoy watching the clouds shift and create shapes. I often see animals, patterns, and other interesting shapes. I take in the ever-changing view, trying to capture the beauty that surrounds me. I had to climb a bit toContinue reading “Clouds Nestled on Mountains”

Turtle Rock

When I moved to Colorado, everyone in the neighborhood called this peak Turtle Rock. I’ve climbed to the top many times because it’s so close to my house. It’s where we watched the solar eclipse. It’s the first climb I took Charlie on back when I could easily pick him up, before he could leapContinue reading “Turtle Rock”

Charlie climbs his first mountain

The beauty of living in the mountains is the ability to walk out the door and hike to a peak just behind the house. From the top and its 360 degree view, you can see the snow covered continental divide, the nearby reservoir, nearby peaks, and the forest below. How can you beat that? HaveContinue reading “Charlie climbs his first mountain”