Nature’s fireworks

Before leaving Florida, I saw this beautiful flower growing on some tall bushes. I have no idea what it is and am hoping someone will help me identify it. One of my first graders a few years ago would name things when she didn’t know what they were. In her honor, I’ll be calling thisContinue reading “Nature’s fireworks”


My last night on the gulf coast of Florida provided a magnificent sunset. Looking forward to waking up to my spectacular sunrise in the mountains tomorrow. Mother Nature is a bit of a show off. 😎☀️🌴

Views over Sarasota

These photos were taken from the Westin rooftop in Sarasota, Florida. There is a 360 view. The rooftop has a great pool on one side and a bar with a variety of seating options on the other 3 sides as you walk around. It was a lovely evening as day faded into night. No matterContinue reading “Views over Sarasota”

Dali Museum – a Surreal Experience

Dali is famous for his mustache, the details in his paintings, and his ability to create art that changes based on where the viewer is standing. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida is home to an impressive collection within a beautifully designed building. It’s able to withstand a category 5 hurricane, and that’s notContinue reading “Dali Museum – a Surreal Experience”

Learning inside and outside

Muscovy duck above and ibis below I’m in St Petersburg Florida this week at a writers conference working on craft, hearing accomplished authors share their personal stories, and attending readings of their work. As expected, I’m learning a variety of things that will inform my own writing. What I hadn’t expected is how much I’mContinue reading “Learning inside and outside”


Atop a building adjacent to the pond is an osprey nest. I’m not typically good at capturing birds in flight so I’m especially proud of this photo. Three facts about osprey: 1. They are also known as sea or river hawks. 2. They are diurnal. 3. They can be found on 6 of the 7Continue reading “Osprey”