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Do you believe in Karma?

I’ve always believed in putting positive energy into the world. I cheer on my friends when something wonderful happens; their joy is my joy. I try to be encouraging when they are facing challenges. Sometimes just letting someone vent or have as much time as they need to talk about what’s bothering them, is a gift.

This is also my habit on social media and with people I don’t know. You never know when your smile, your kindness, your acknowledgment of someone will make a difference.

Last week, after a successful day of two school visits that included seeing children who used to be my students and their families, I was driving in Chicago to meet a friend for dinner. I saw a man spreading out newspaper on the wet street so he could kneel and change a flat tire. I had an empty box that had been full of books that morning. I stopped and offered the box to the man and the woman whose tire he was changing. They were grateful and I was happy to be able to help.

I mentioned that I would appreciate it if they would recycle the box when they were done because it had my name and the title of my book on it. They asked to see the book and each of them bought a copy! When I stopped, selling books wasn’t even on my mind. I just felt like I could spread a little joy after a wonderful day.

photos of the wonderful families who I used to teach who came to see me.

I am a cheer leader (poetry)

I am a cheer leader

here to celebrate your victories

creating the party.


I am a cheer leader

here with gentle support

when the world offers only icy stares

creating a warm soft place to land.


I am a cheer leader

offering kindness,

creating space for you to be your best.


I am a cheer leader

knowing that positive energy

multiplies in the universe; hopefully

creating a better world.

I was inspired to write this poem by a few different conversations recently about how we are not in competition with each other and the need for more kindness in the world. The photo was taken from my balcony after a hailstorm yesterday afternoon.