Sunlight through the trees (Haiku)

Aspen leaves turning green giving way to yellow sunlight filters through Komorebi is a Japanese word to describe the effect of sunlight streaming through the leaves.

Pine pollen – everything you didn’t know about pine trees

We live in a forest of pine trees. Unlike flowering plants, pine trees don’t attract bees or butterflies for pollination. The wind does the job of transferring pollen from male cones to female cones or on other trees. The first two photos are male pine cones and the third one, what we think of asContinue reading “Pine pollen – everything you didn’t know about pine trees”

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The book, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” was a favorite of mine growing up. At the time Brooklyn didn’t have special meaning to me, more on this in a minute, but I loved the immigrant story in this and another cherished book “All of a Kind Family.” That book was closer to my own family’sContinue reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”