Charlie hikes by the Creek

Charlie, just turning 4 months old is so full of energy and curiosity that he is a source of constant amusement. A few days ago we did fabulous trail hike with my friend and her 2 Newfoundlands. They are excellent dogs with years of training on the trail, how to find the nearby creek forContinue reading “Charlie hikes by the Creek”

Can You Smell the Rain? (Poetry)

Filtered rays of light stream through dark clouds Is a storm coming? Beyond it, blue sky dotted with white cotton candy clouds. The juxtaposition makes me wonder. Will heavy drops of rainfall from the sky? Will there be thunder? Lightening? Can you smell the rain?

Spring (poem)

Spring arrives in bits and pieces fits and starts one step forward, two steps back like a Chacha. Temperatures soar for a day or three then dive down like a bird of prey But then, little by little, all of the pieces come together! The scent of lilacs The sound of frogs and hummingbirds TheContinue reading “Spring (poem)”

Fascinating sights in nature

On a recent hike, we noticed what we thought were spider webs on trees along the trail. Upon further inspection, they each contained a large number of caterpillars. This is new to me so I’ve done some research and there are several species of caterpillars that construct silken shelters or tents. These caterpillars will turnContinue reading “Fascinating sights in nature”