Snowy Quarantine

Snow began falling on Sunday and continued through most of Monday. It’s the fluffy type that skiers dream of – powder. Spring skiing is canceled this year as all the ski resorts were forced to close a month ago. I’m sure there are hearty souls who climbed up to take advantage of the pristine new snow, but I’m not one of them.

Saturday was warm, sunny, and most the previous snow had melted. I noticed new green shoots breaking through. I wondered what plants were returning. I sat in this chair and wondered how much snow would soon be covering the deck. And if I’m being honest, I wished that the forecast wouldn’t come true.The beautiful view on Monday morning and keeping warm by the fire with Charlie passed the time. Today, I discover someone stopped by before I woke up. They probably wanted to cuddle with Charlie too.

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I'm a reading specialist from Chicago, now living in the beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My first book "Aliana Reaches for the Moon" features a creative and curious girl who loves science, her little brother, and her very patient parents. I'm currently writing a MG novel and several picture books with STEM elements and dogs.

21 thoughts on “Snowy Quarantine

              1. There shouldn’t be competition as to what’s more meaningful. Something is meaningful to someone because it is. Just because something can be rescheduled doesn’t mean that it wasn’t upsetting to the person missing it. My daughter ending her freshman year of college in March during spring break was upsetting to her. Kids missing high school and college graduations was upsetting to them. People celebrating birthdays alone is upsetting them. Which one is worse? None of them because you can’t compare. For my husband is was a trip with his ski club that had things planned out. He won’t get his money back. He doesn’t know if he can afford to do it next year, or if the ski club will do it next year. And with colleges threatening to not start up school, what will next year look like? I think every person who missed out on something this year has an equal right to be upset. Because if you want to declare it a competition, the winner will always be, well, at least you didn’t die….


                1. I’m not trying to make it a competition. I feel sorry for the seniors who are missing graduations, proms, final seasons of their spring sports or theater productions. Milestones memories are generally more important and meaningful to people.

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                2. Everything is meaningful to someone if they’ve been looking forward to it. I think anyone who kissed something they’ve been looking forward to has a right to be upset. No ones upset is more than anyone else’s. Unless you’re talking ventilators or death.


                3. I missed (not kissed 😉) several other things I was looking forward to in March and now April. An example, I had a priority ticket to Stephen Colbert which I had tried for 2 years to get. I had tickets to a broadway show that obviously was canceled. I have tickets to a show here in May that’s been canceled. Am I disappointed?Sure, but none of those things are at the level of missing seeing loved ones, especially a baby.

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                4. To you it’s horrible. To say that me missing something is less important is to diminish me, it’s literally saying that my feelings don’t matter


                5. I disagree. It’s not dismissing your feelings. In my opinion, things that can be made up at a later date or are a loss of financial gain (going back to your post today) aren’t as important to me. I think these 2 discussions are actually interwoven. Just as you said you wouldn’t trade having your daughter for anything. 😊

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                6. You saying your missing your kid is more important than a trip can’t be quantified. Why is it more important? There is no proof for that, only opinion. Therefore you can’t compare it. It’s apples and oranges. Your thing is worse to you. Which is fine. And my husbands thing is worse to him. My daughters things are worse to her. To say you can do it at another time can be applied to you as well.


                7. I think you’re missing the point. Yes, I can say it because it’s my opinion. To me, logically I can quantify things that can be made up later vs things that will be gone due to the passage of time.

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                8. You said it’s a greater loss that you’re not seeing your grandchild than my husband missing his ski trip. Right?


  1. Makes me wish we had a real fireplace or at least a wood-fired stove, here. But we can’t have those here because of all the particulate. Will have to settle for the one in Maine when we visit the cabin there, although it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting there this year, sadly. Hope all that snow melts soon and you can get back to the emerging flowers!

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