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Keeping the home fires burning


Everyone has heard the phrase “keep the home fires burning.” It was a wildly popular patriotic British song from 1914. Written by an American woman, Lena Guilbert Ford, who was living in London during World War I. The original title, “Till The Boys Come Home.” was changed to “Keep the Home Fires Burning.” She collaborated with Welshman Ivor Novello to create what has been called the greatest patriotic song to come out of England during World War I. Personally, I’m not sure what the competition for this title is, but I’m not sure it’s held up over the years.

This phrase has a different meaning for me as we get most of our heat from a wood burner stove. As the temperatures dropped recently, I’ve taken this phrase to heart as I enjoy the warmth and beauty of a nearby fire. It’s even more beautiful in juxtaposition to the view out my window.