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Sunrise progression

It’s interesting to watch both the sun as it rises over the peaks and the change in lighting of the clouds as it does. These photos were taken in a three minute period from start to finish.
Please disregard the blue dot that looks like the Twitter logo in the final 2 pictures. It’s a reflection and these are unaltered and unfiltered photos.

Pine Grosbeak – a reminder to stop for beauty

On a crystal clear morning, with snow in unmelted patches, I saw a pair of Grosbeaks. Hiking with a birder friend who was more concerned with physical exertion than admiring our surroundings, she continued forward as I stopped to capture a few shots.

When we finally stopped for water and a rest, I showed the others my pictures. They couldn’t believe I was the only one who saw the birds. I’ve since learned about these birds, including a new word “frugivore” which means fruit eater. They do, however also eat seeds and feed spiders and insects to their young. Interesting that the adult birds don’t eat those things. It’s like fish sticks, Lucky Charms, and boxed macaroni and cheese – parents feed these to their children but don’t eat them as adults. If you’re still eating these things, that’s fine – I’m not judging.