Continental Divide Sunset

Tonight on the way home, I was thinking how much I love the longer days and wondered if I’d see a sunset. The view as I reach the top of the steep road home is often noteworthy. The paved road ends and the majority of the last two miles is downhill. Today I pulled overContinue reading “Continental Divide Sunset”

Second Star to the Right 🌟

Independent Bookstores are the best way to celebrate a book launch! Yesterday I was the featured author at a wonderful new location of a beloved Denver bookstore, Second Star to the Right. If that name sounds familiar but you have never been to Denver, Colorado, it’s probably because of the song from Peter Pan. TheseContinue reading “Second Star to the Right 🌟”

Charlie After a Romp in the Snow – Zzzzzz

Hiking in the snow is a good workout. Especially when there’s another dog to chase. After sleeping in his bed for a while (not shown here) Charlie’s second nap was under the table to remain close while I had lunch. He decided he had enough energy to switch to yet another napping location which allowedContinue reading “Charlie After a Romp in the Snow – Zzzzzz”

Book Birthday 2/19/2019

ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON is out today! Here are the countdown illustrations from the past two weeks. I hope you want to buy this book for the children in your life or for a gift if you don’t have children. Aliana Reaches for the Moon It’s also helpful if you ask your library toContinue reading “Book Birthday 2/19/2019”

An Author’s Two Cents: Interview With Picture Book Author Laura Roettiger

An Author’s Two Cents: Interview With Picture Book Author Laura Roettiger — Read on My experience with children and as a writer on my journey to publishing.

Book Review: Aliana Reaches for the Moon

Book Review: Aliana Reaches for the Moon — Read on

Charlie’s first birthday!

Charlie before we met him! Love at first sight! 😍 Charlie’s a great hiker and climber! He reminds me to stop and smell the flowers. He’s willing to get dirty in the name of fun! And he is happy to get cleaned up and looking his best! Charlie wants to operate heavy machinery. Charlie lovesContinue reading “Charlie’s first birthday!”